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SCO Workshop

Space, Creativity & Organizing Workshop

Alternative epistemologies: exploring the world through the senses

An interactive workshop with Anastasia Kostner

Convened by Boukje Cnossen and Nicolas Bencherki

July 4, 2019 at 7pm
Summerhall, Edinburgh (UK)

Why this Workshop

What about using different senses to experience the world and make sense of it? How about letting go of Descartes’s way of looking at the world, ‘cogito ergo sum,’ and maybe even change it around: ‘I am therefore I think.’


Workshop Outline

The human body has different potentials of experiencing the surroundings. In order for us to navigate through the world and acquire knowledge, nerve transmitters are perceiving and orienting through different senses: light through the eyes, sound through the ears, smell through our nose, and tactile input through our biggest sensory organ, the skin. Furthermore, we also orient and identify through inner map of our body, called proprioception. The workshop will give practical exercises on how to experience and study the environment with our senses.

Duration: About 2 hours including after talk

Activities Outline

The times mentioned are estimates

  1. Arrival & Short Introduction
    15 minutes
  2. Body Scan: experiencing proprioception
    10 minutes
  3. Guardian angel: experiencing all the senses except vision
    5 minutes demonstration
    20 minutes per pair (45 minutes in total)
  4. Neurotransmitter Detector: experiencing the skin
    5 minutes demonstration
    5 minutes per pair (15 minutes in total)
  5. Sock Exercise: experiencing vision in connection with proprioception
    5 minutes demonstration
    5 minutes per pair (15 minutes in total)
  6. Questions & Answers
    15 minutes
Anastasia Kostner

More about Anastasia Kostner

Anastasia Kostner is an Italian dancer and movement researcher/practitioner. She has looked at the interrelation between the physical and rational realm by studying BMC (Body Mind Centering) and Dance in Community, writing about ‘Mental training in dance practice’ and the phenomenon of FLOW in connection with dance and learning practice (MA of Arts). Recently, she has become a Rolfer (Structural Integration) and uses this knowledge in workshop and seminars, especially helping professional musicians optimize their performance.

Visit Anastasia Kostner's Website

What is the SCO Workshop

Since 2015, the Space, Creativity and Organizing workshop brings together researchers interested in ways of developing an understanding of space more adequate to the challenge of contemporary organization. It proposes hands-on and experimental activities in the margins of the European Group for Organizational Studies’ annual colloquium to provoke and engage academics to consider alternative methods in which to think and practice space in organization. In 2015, we occupied the cooperative workspace of the Stone Soup organization in Athens to explore the of site-specific creative possibilities of spaces normally used by independent technology professionals. In 2016, we took over an art gallery, the ‘Voyage Pittoresque Factory’ in Naples, to investigate affect’s emergence in the interaction of bodies, technologies and space. In 2017, we took a literary turn and discussed Roberto Bolaño's 2666 at the Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art in Copenhagen. In 2018, it is the Estonian museum of architecture in Tallinn that hosted the workshop, as we discovered together the role of smell and scent in organizational life.

Université TÉLUQ. Leuphana Universität Lüneburg.


At Summerhall, a multi-arts complex and events venue.

It was a farm, a brewery, a veterinary school, and it is now dedicated to creativity. Summerhall materializes the spirit of hybridity and cross-fertilization that is at the heart of the Space, Creativity and Organizing Workshop.

1 Summerhall,
Edinburgh, United Kingdom